Contact lenses to suit your needs from Grimley and Glynn

Grimley & Glynn in Swadlincote, offers a wide range of disposable contact lenses to suit your vision, comfort and budget. We also offer different contact lens schemes to choose from, including monthly direct debit payments for contact lenses, solutions and check-ups. To assess your suitability for contact lenses, we recommend that you book a contact lens fitting appointment.s.

Contact lenses and solutions

  • Daily and monthly disposable lenses: Depending on your requirements, we provide daily and monthly disposable contact lenses at affordable prices.

  • Soft and hard gas permeable lenses: For your comfort, we offer soft and hard (rigid) gas permeable lenses that cause minimal visual distortion.

  • Silicone Hydrogel lenses

  • Coloured contact lenses

  • Contact lens solutions

  • Eye drops and saline solutions: Prevent dry eyes, redness and irritation our saline based eye drop solutions.

  • Contact lens cases

Wide range of lens schemes

You can choose from our wide range of contact lens schemes that suit your budget and requirements. From lens only to all-inclusive packages, we make sure that all of your needs are catered to.

Contact lens fitting appointment

Are you switching from spectacles to contact lenses? The team of professionals at Grimley and Glynn help you make the switch easily with contact lens fitting services. Call us on 01283 222 535 to schedule your appointment.

Call Grimley and Glynn today forfor comfortable and durable contact lenses. Our contact lens delivery services are available throughout Swadlincote and Derbyshire.


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